Digital tools and knowledge to improve business performane


The key question in leading digital transition is not what your specific digital strategy is, but how the business can use and integrate digital tools and knowledge to improve the overall company’s performance. Digital ‘tools’ can be integrated across the total business end-to-end ànd in addition to the existing business. For instance in FMCG digital transition is not a complete transition of the business from A to B. It’s not about doing this OR doing that. It’s more AND-AND. How to improve existing business ànd how to improve / grow / or expand into additional channels to reach customer penetration. An end-to-end approach from an organisational perspective requires a more integrated way of working between departments. It should lead to a cross-functional integrated team driving commerce together with much greater alignment between Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Logistics, Legal, etc etc. Moving away from siloed thinking and an absolute necessity for success.

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